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U.S. Plastic
Sales, LLC

Driven By Success

As leading polystyrene plastic compounders, we believe in creating the best products for the best companies out there. And we don’t imagine our standards will drop anytime soon. We’re committed to compounding the best product on the market. To that end, we’d love to give you a behind-the-scenes view into who we are and how we got started.

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U.S. Plastic Sales, LLC

A Reliable Plastic Reprocessor

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Recycled Plastic

All About Us

We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, and have been the plastics compounding industry since 1991. We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as a polystyrene plastic compounder, and continue to expand our practices each and every day. We supply many local and global companies with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.

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